Faculty Rights: Collective Agreement & Common Agreement

The rights and duties of faculty as employees of Capilano University are mainly found in our Collective Agreement and the letters of agreement attached to it (see link below). Some of our rights are set out in a document called the Common Agreement (also below).

The Collective Agreement is specific to Capilano University and the CFA. It is the agreement that the CFA negotiates on behalf of all faculty at Capilano. It is the first place you should look if you have questions. But you should also feel free to talk to your area steward with questions, or write to the senior steward and assistant senior steward. Here is the current version of the Collective Agreement (it is in draft form, pending final proofing and sign-off by both parties):


As noted above, there is also a Common Agreement that the CFA’s provincial umbrella union, FPSE, negotiates on behalf of several colleges. The terms of this Common Agreement also apply to Capilano University faculty, except to the extent that our Collective Agreement overrides or modifies them (see the Letter of Intent at page 156 of our agreement). Our collective agreement does replace most of the terms in the Common Agreement, except for certain benefits, for which we rely on the Common Agreement. In most of the cases in which the common agreement is relevant to us, our Collective Agreement specifically incorporates terms from the Common Agreement, so you probably do not need to refer to the Common Agreement unless our agreement directs you to it. Here is the current version of the Common Agreement: (Note - awaiting update April 2021)

Our agreement also refers to certain provisions of the previous Common Agreement, from 2010-12. (Contact the chief steward for specifics.)

Changes between the previous agreement (2015-19) and the new (2019-22) agreement


We reached the new agreement on 7 May 2020, and it received final ratification in June. Please see our bulletin from May 2020, which summarizes some of the changes in the new agreement. If you have specific questions, please contact your area steward, or the senior and assistant senior stewards.


Contact the senior steward, Michael Begg, if you have specific questions about the collective or common agreement.

Know your Rights

This document is of particular interest to non-regularized faculty members.
Refer to the Collective Agreement for specific articles noted in the Know-Your-Rights document.