Indigenous History Month and Pride Month,

  Dear Colleagues, 


In honour of Indigenous History Month, and Pride Month, David Kirk shared some knowledge and teachings about “Decolonizing and Reclaiming the Traditional Role of Two- Spirited People”. Education can only be successful if it involves healing. The healing must be culturally appropriate and must address the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wounds of the person, family, community and culture.

Please see David's PPT attached here:



Talking Stick Festival 2022 - Full Circle: First Nations Performance:  Also... We'd like to bring, to your attention, this event that is celebrating its 22nd anniversary this year, and all activities take place in the downtown eastside and downtown (SFU) areas. The events are multi-media; some are free admission. You might find it of interest. Please forward as you deem appropriate.  Talking Stick Festival 2022 at